Secondment of Public Sector Employees
with the Public Service

The Line Ministry/Department that the employee is to be seconded with is to fill in and submit this formal request, channeled through the Office of the Permanent Secretary. The People and Standards Division will start the process only if the template is duly filled in and the information provided is correct and compliant with current standing provisions, as in force from time to time. Requests found to be incomplete and/or containing incorrect information will not be processed.

All fields must be filled. Where not applicable indicate accordingly.

Name & Surname of Employee

ID. No.

Name of Entity

Current Position/Grade/Status within the Entity

Current Salary within Entity

Current Allowances/Benefits within Entity

Salary covered by (tick as applicable)

Allowances/Benefits covered by (tick as applicable)

Attach copy of endorsed Collective Agreement and/or Grading and Salary Structure/other IRU approval making reference to the Salary and/or Benefits/Allowances (as applicable)

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